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First Impressions With Morjas Shoes

From my experience most people seem to have a love/hate relationship with tassel loafers. For me, it’s taken being exposed to quite a few great looking pairs over the last couple years to take a liking to them. I have always loved loafers in general, but there is something about a well paired tassel loafer from the likes of Alden or Crockett & Jones that always catches my eye. For a long time it felt like a style that I couldn’t pull off, so for the price, it didn’t seem worth the risk.

This is where Morjas came in. What first drew me to the brand was the great photography on their Instagram page; next was a beautiful suede tassel loafer. After further investigation I found that Morjas currently has five models on their site, all which are Goodyear welted, made in Spain and fall into the 189 EUR (approx. $225 USD) price point. Out of the five, I of course opted for the suede tassel loafer, called the “Petrichor”.

Morjas Petrichor Tassel Loafer


Model: Petrichtor
Last: Signature 001 last: medium width and rounded toe
Color: Walnut brown suede
Sole: Single leather
Insole: Leather, with branded cushioned heel pad
Construction: Goodyear welted in Spain
Price: 189 EUR
Shipping: 35 EUR via UPS Express to Canada



The shoes arrived in a sturdy shoe box, neatly packed with tissue paper, a set of branded shoe bags and a hand written thank you note. Constructive feedback on the packaging would be that due to minimal filler in the box, the shoes slid round during transit which left a couple of rub marks on the suede that took some brushing to remove (not major, and probably wouldn’t be an issue for those ordering larger sized shoes).

And while they are not for sale as of yet, the company also has great looking branded shoe trees coming out soon. This is something I can definitely appreciate as I store my shoes on display at home. The owner at Morjas was kind enough to send me a pair of their trees to check out, which I was thrilled to receive.

Morjas Petrichor Tassel Loafer

Morjas Petrichor Tassel LoaferMorjas Petrichor Tassel Loafer


With a little help from Morjas customer service I was able to confidently choose the right size, which ended up being UK7. They fit me wonderfully right out of the box and I would say they run pretty true to size. As a reference point, here is a list of my sizing in other brands:

Brannock: 8-8.25D
Morjas 001 Last: UK7
Berwick 437 Last: UK7
Alden Barrie (Shoes): 7.5D
Alden Barrie (Boots): 8D (I like to size up as I find the boots fit smaller and I prefer wearing thicker socks)
Alden Van: 8D in cordovan, I like 7.5D for unlined suede.
Alden Trubalance: 7.5D
Allen Edmonds 1 Last: 8.5D
Allen Edmonds 5 Last: 8D (Fairly snug but fits well, only wear with dress socks)
Edward Green 606: UK7.5E
Edward Green 72: UK7.5E
Edward Green 888: UK7.5E
Carlos Santos 234: UK7
Viberg 2030: 7.5
Crockett & Jones 325 Last: UK7



There is very little to critique here as most of the finishing aspects on the shoes looked great. Stitching is clean, no loose threads, and the suede itself is extremely soft. The shoes come with stained soles and nailed toes to help slow wear in that area. The interior of the shoes have cushioned heel pads with embossed logos (this is a nice touch as I find printed logos tend to wear off, in particular in loafers since I often wear them sockless). It is obvious that during the design process, a high level of care was put into the selection of these details. The only small flaw that I noticed was a couple of faint blue stains on the interior of the shoes.

Morjas Petrichor Tassel Loafer Morjas Petrichor Tassel Loafer

Morjas Petrichor Tassel Loafer
Morjas Petrichor Tassel Loafer

Morjas Petrichor Tassel Loafer Morjas Petrichor Tassel Loafer

Shoe Care

I have some favorite products I like to reach for when in comes to suede care – I have listed them below in case you are in need of recommendations:

Tarrago Nano Protector – My standard go-to product for protection. This stuff really creates a water resistant barrier for your suede shoes (Leffot even did a video pouring coffee on a pair of suede shoes after an application of this stuff). I recently ran out but will be picking up more soon.

Suede Brush – Perfect for everyday care. Just brush after each use to keep dirt and dust from building up on your suede shoes.

Saphir Suede Eraser – When you find yourself with a small mark on your suede it’s helpful to have one of these on hand. Just dry erase the spot and brush away the remains. If the mark persists some shampoo may be required.

Saphir Omnidaim Suede Cleaner – This I use for seasonal cleaning of my suede shoes, I will likely do a write up on it at some point as it is a fantastic product.

Saphir Renovateur for Suede and Nubuck – This can be used to condition your suede if it’s a bit dry after those deep cleans or if you just want to restore a little color to the suede. The bottle linked is colorless and can be used on all suede.


If you are on the fence and looking for a brand to jump into a higher quality, Goodyear welted shoe, I would highly suggest taking a look at Morjas. Though limited in offerings right now, I see big things coming from them as they expand their line. I look forward to putting the Petrichor through the paces and seeing how they break in and look with some wear. The Petrichor tassel loafer is not only impressive for the price, it’s just down right impressive.

– j


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