Roundup: Sartoria Triarii MTO Suits & Jackets

I recently discovered Sartoria Triarii thanks to a follower on Instagram during one of my stories. I asked which brands people would like to see me review and they were mentioned. After some digging online I was officially intrigued. I reached out to Sartortia Triarii to see what they are all about and I ended up getting a response from the owner Cameron. Here’s a bit of what I found out!

Sartoria Triarii

Sartoria Triarii was established in 2017 with a core focus on custom tailoring. The general house style is a typically Italian one featuring soft internal canvassing, little to no padding in the shoulders, broad lapels, nipped waist and a skirt with a little room for your hips to move. They work exclusively with Italian mills, with the bulk coming from Loro Piana. The rest is filled out mainly by VBC. The Seasonal Collection is a heavy mix of the top mills such as Ferla, Solbiati, Angelico, E.Thomas, Marzotto, among others.

Initially, Sartoria Triarii were a localized operation based in Chicago but soon after realized that there were other growing markets with a desire for their services. They started doing travelling trunk shows focusing on Chicago, Baltimore, Nashville, and Atlanta. They are moving into online MTO starting at $695, with the recent launch HERE. All jackets and suits are fully canvassed as a standard, unless fully unstructured option is desired. Finished and Fedex delivered worldwide in about 4-6 weeks. I am a big fan of their fall collection of fabrics and Cameron was nice enough to let me try out the MTO program on something. Below I’ll take you through some of my favorites and let you guess which I’ll be reviewing further in another post…


The Goods

Mustard Wool/Silk Twill by Solbiati and Aubergine Wool/Silk blend by VBC. Both of these really speak to the causal side of tailoring that really got me into menswear. I am always drawn to items that I can reach for dressed down with denim and both of these fit the bill.

Mustard Wool/Silk Twill by Solbiati Aubergine Wool/Silk blend by VBC

Cinnamon Red & Navy Technical Check by Loro Piana and Navy and Orange Wool/Silk Blend by Loro Piana. Another batch of colors that gives me warm, casual fall feelings. Either will pair great with grey, oatmeal, or green trousers as well as denim.

Cinnamon Red & Navy Technical Check by Loro Piana Navy and Orange Wool/Silk Blend by Loro Piana

Grey Alpaca/Cotton blend by Ferla and Ocean Green Faux Uni Jacket by Angelico. Double breasted jackets have been getting more attention from from me as of late, these two are no exception. I only have one in the collection so far but that will need to eventually change.

Grey Alpaca/Cotton blend by FerlaOcean Green Faux Uni Jacket by Angelico

Be sure to take a look at the entire Sartoria Triarii MTO offerings online now. 21 fabrics with many staples for suiting in the mix as well. A collection that really has something for everyone. Let me know in the comments which one you think I’ll be trying!

– j



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