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Roundup: Spier & Mackay Spring 2019 Sportcoats

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New Spier and Mackay sportcoats have been steadily dropping since last month but today sees my favorites released, the neapolitan cut variations. I have grown very fond of the neapolitan cut sportcoats, buying a bunch in the fall and already picking up the Hardy Minnis Tobacco linen suit (seen above in the featured image). The wide, sweeping lapels really appeal to me and work well for my casual wardrobe. Let me take you through my Spier & Mackay sportcoat picks for the season. (Please consider supporting my blog and my wardrobe habits by using the links throughout my site. I get a small commission for every purchase made through them and it’s truly appreciated.)

Click here to see the full sport coat selection that has been released so far.


The Goods

First up, this E. Thomas brown glen plaid. The subtle blue overcheck is just lovely. This was my choice of the bunch and I already placed my preorder. I’m looking forward to having another pattern to my warm weather wardrobe.

Edit: I added a pic of this one since it’s since arrived.



Edit: New to the mix today (May 14th) is the Cigar linen neapolitan with triple patch pockets, and a Cream linen in standard cut.


Spier & Mackay Cigar Linen Spier & Mackay Cream Linen


Navy seersucker neapolitan suit just dropped for presale so I added it in. Comes with high rise, pleated, and side tab trousers. This one might be the next incoming for me as I have been trying to figure out what navy jacket to pick up for the warm weather.


Navy Seersucker Spier & MackaySpier & Mackay Navy Seersucker Suit


This faded gun check is another that is sure to be a hit. I own the version from last year and this one is the same cloth but in a more muted color tone. It’s quite versatile and you can find lots more inspiration on how to wear this one on my instagram page.


Hardy Minnis Navy Fresco suit, enough said…


If you haven’t yet seen the Hardy Minnis Tobacco linen suit you are missing out. Truly one of the best things Spier and Mackay has released thus far. I picked this one up to wear as separates and have zero regrets. The hefty linen cloth and color are a joy to wear.

Spier & Mackay Tobacco Linen Suit Spier & Mackay Tobacco Linen Suit


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– j


Bonus – Click for links

Spier & Mackay Green Cotton Sportcoat Spier & Mackay - Bottoli - Blue Green Check Sportcoat Spier & Mackay - Drago - Light Grey SportcoatSpier & Mackay Rust Cotton Sportcoat Spier & Mackay Bottoli Blue & Brown Check Spier & Mackay Drago - Blue & Grey Check Sportcoat Spier & Mackay Drago Blue Check Sportcoat Spier & Mackay Drago - Brown Slub Sportcoat

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