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Four Years With My Alden Indy 403 Boots

I purchased these Alden Indy boots from a local shop just over four years ago and wanted to provide a little update on them.

I know your first thought may be that they don’t actually look that old, but I will explain why that is later in the post. These boots were actually my first upgrade out of Allen Edmonds, which may never have been had I not been able to source them locally and try them on (I had only read online how some of the popular Alden lasts fit, so I was nervous to make such a big purchase online). I got a good deal on these and only paid around $450 CAD (approx. $375 USD) at the time.Alden Indy 403


I am just over 8D on the Brannock and sizing down a half size to a 7.5D worked out great. They are just snug enough that I can wear them with a variety of socks. The Trubalance last is certainly roomy in areas like the toe, but I still find it hugs my heel really well. Overall they are one of my most comfortable pairs and don’t cause any discomfort after a long day. As a reference point, here is a list of my sizing in other brands:

Brannock: 8-8.25D
Yeossal YRB Last: 40
Grant Stone Oliver Last: 8D
Sons of Henrey Almond Last: UK7
Löf & Tung T Last: UK7
Morjas 001 Last: UK7
Berwick 437 Last: UK7
Berwick Belgian Loafer: UK7 (tight but should loosen with wear)
TLB Mallorca Alan Last: UK7
Yanko 961 Last – UK7 (too big overall, need to try a Uk6.5)
Gaziano & Girling Deco Last: UK7.5 (too big, need to try a UK7E or UK7F)
Alden Barrie (Shoes): 7.5D
Alden Barrie (Boots): 8D (I like to size up as I find the boots fit smaller and I prefer wearing thicker socks)
Alden Van: 8D in cordovan, I like 7.5D for unlined suede.
Alden Trubalance: 7.5D
Allen Edmonds 1 Last: 8.5D
Allen Edmonds 5 Last: 8D (fairly snug but fits well, only wear with dress socks)
Edward Green 606: UK7.5E
Edward Green 72: UK7.5E
Edward Green 888: UK7.5E
Edward Green 137 Last: UK7.5 (was much to large in an unlined suede Duke I tried, a UK7 would probably work)
Carlos Santos 234: UK7
Viberg 2030: 7.5
Crockett & Jones 325 Last: UK7
RM Williams Comfort Classic:  UK7 (snug but works)
Taft Hiro Boot: 7
Epaulet Tennis Trainer: 8
Nike Killshot 2: 8.5


These are the standard 403 make up with brown chromexcel leather, 270 welt, neocork soles, and on the Trubalance last. The only thing I changed was the standard laces in favor of the Alden flat, waxed laces.Alden Indy 403


Now this is hard for me to admit but I don’t really reach for these as much as I probably should. They are fantastic boots, but in the last few years I have been gravitating to less casual styles. With my rotation of about 20 pairs of footwear and these not getting a lot of wear in the summer, I would say these probably only get worn about once or twice a month right now. With this, these boots look to show more like a year of wear.

Alden Indy Boot Care

Chromexcel leather doesn’t require a rigorous care regimen. I usually just wipe them down with a damp cloth and buff with a horsehair brush after each wear. If I feel they are in need of a deeper clean or conditioning my go-to product is natural Venetian Shoe Cream. It seems to nourish the leather well and give it just the right amount of shine. Chromexcel is easily prone to scuffs and scrapes, so it’s not really for those who have leather care OCD. Being a casual boot I actually like the look of small scuffs and scrapes, so this has never bothered me. Alden Indy 403 Alden Indy 403Alden Indy 403
Alden Indy 403

Final Thoughts

With the almost infinite number of leather/last/sole/detail combos available from Alden retailers around the world I think it’s fair to say that the Indy boot could fit into any shoe rotation. My choice was the standard 403, but there are endless options to fit your personal style. Let me know what Indy boots you guys chose or plan to choose down the road.

– j


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