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Test Drive: Moleskin Trousers from Spier & Mackay

I had to sell off all my chinos recently after gym gains left them fitting much too tight. With those gone I had fallen into a routine of reaching for mainly denim and the occasional trouser for work. I had been eyeing some moleskin trousers from Spier & Mackay as a possible substitute but just couldn’t seem to get around to grabbing a pair. Recently, Rick from Spier & Mackay contacted me to see if I wanted a pair to check out and review, and since I was already considering them I was more than happy to do so. I actually ended up buying a second pair, because with their amazing selection of colors it was too hard to choose just one. After much debate, I settled on trying out the camel and the dark brown.

The Spier & Mackay moleskin trousers are made of a 300g, 100% cotton cloth from the famed Brisbane Moss fabric mill. They are created using the same material for the unstructured moleskin sport coats, currently being sold in the navy and new lovat colors. I own the new lovat color sport coat and love it so I highly suspected the moleskin trousers would be fantastic as well.

Spier & Mackay Moleskin Trousers

What first struck me when I took them out of the box was the color. In comparison to the website photos, both the dark brown and in particular the camel looked more vibrant/saturated than I had expected. I was concerned from the website photos that there was a yellow undertone to the camel color, but in person it was much more neutral and versatile than I had expected. Similar to the moleskin jackets, the fabric on these trousers was incredibly soft to the touch. These trousers have the same construction as their main line, which includes a split waistband, slant pockets and half lined legs from the waistband to knee. One variation however was that these did not come pressed down the front like a typical trouser and were instead left clean like a casual pair of chinos.

In terms of size, these come in slim but I opted for a 33 contemporary, which fit me quite well right off the rack. With athletic legs it can often be challenging to find a nice fitting dress pant, but the contemporary fit seemed to accommodate this and look similar to a slim fit on me.

I recently dropped the trousers off at the tailor and had them hem a 1.75″ cuff and press a crease in them. I am still on the fence with the cuff but we’ll see how I feel after I have worn them a few more times (something about the softness of the fabric and construction makes it seem like these may be better un-cuffed). To try it out I only finished the camel color this way, and will decided what to do on the dark brown pair later.

The Spier & Mackay moleskin trousers are really quite incredible for the price. Anyone else using Brisbane Moss moleskin fabric doesn’t come close in terms of value and that value became even more significant when the price was recently dropped down to $99 CAD as of the time of this post. Grab a pair and dress them up or down – they are bound to become a favourite for you as I am sure they will for me.


– j

Spier & Mackay Moleskin TrousersSpier & Mackay Moleskin Trousers Spier & Mackay Moleskin Trousers


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